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what’cha gonna do? what’cha gonna do when they come for you?

anyway. it’s february.

it has snowed a lot here recently (I’m back at school now). yesterday it started snowing early in the morning and kept on until late last night. i went out and played in it, and there was a big snow ball fight around 11 (pm), which was tons of crazy college fun. this morning, it was pretty out my window:

I love snow.

Winter makes for good knitting! So what have I been up to?

I got back to school on Monday the 19th. On Sunday the 25th, I headed into Philly to go to the book signing at Loop Yarn on South Street. The book was Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn by Carol Sulcoski of Go Knit in Your Hat. It was excellent! I love Philadelphia so much.

Philly, 1/25/09
Me and the Schuylkill River.

Philly, 1/25/09

Philly, 1/25/09
I want to live here.

I didn’t take any pictures of Loop or Carol, because I was shy, but she signed my book and we chatted a bit, and then I ate M&Ms and talked to another woman about knitting two socks at the same time.

Also I bought some of her yarn: Black Bunny Fibers
The Deep
Tucked in my bag at the train station.

The Deep
The yarn is fingering weight superwash merino, and the colorway is called “The Deep.” These are so my colors. Colors of my life.

So then the next weekend, my sister visited me!
my sister visited me!
Beyond fun. She’s great. Did I mention that beyond graduating this year, she’s going to college next year? Hooray!

She’s also getting on Ravelry soon. Go Sarah go! Knit!

Okay so THEN I finished ML’s mittens for her:
Swirly Mittens

Start: December 13, 2008
Finish: January 30, 2009
Pattern: Kiehkuralapaset- Swirly Mittens
Yarn: Elsabeth Lavold Silky Wool in black, some of my handdyed in “Firebrand,” and a little Schaefer Anne in an unknown colorway to finish out the top. This addition makes these mittens less than awesome in my book, but ML wears them all the time, and so if she’s happy, I’m happy.
Needles: US 2.

Swirly MittensSwirly Mittens

After those were done, I turned my attention to my Rhythm ‘n’ Blues Monkey socks.

Rhythm n' Blues Monkeys

Start: December 4, 2008
Finish: February 1, 2009
Pattern: Monkey by Cookie A.
Yarn: Fannie’s Fingering Weight
Needles: US 2

The Playwright got me this yarn in SoHo this summer, from Purl SoHo, and it is wonderful. It was fabulous to knit with, and the color combination is so fun and so me. I love these socks.

Rhythm n' Blues Monkeys

I did also finish a Turn a Square hat, but I think its recipient reads the blog, and I want it to be a random surprise. So I’ll post about that later!

I almost forgot to mention two OTHER things I finished since the last post: Baudelaires and my mum’s silk mittens.


Start: January 2, 2009
Finish: January 19, 2009
Pattern: Baudelaire by Cookie A.
Yarn: Dream in Color Smooshy, “Lunar Zazzle”
Needles: US 2 (I’m a fan)

These socks are great! I knit them toe up, and I think they’re actually a little long because I went by full leaf motifs. If I had been less obsessed about full leaf motifs, they might be more snug. But they are comfy, and they’re gorgeous.

Finally (bad picture coming up), I finished my mom’s mittens for her birthday

Mum's Silk Mittens

The idea behind these was that I found a lone mitten tucked in a bag with a ball of yarn. The mitten was beautiful, but too long for my mom (fit me perfectly). I wanted to give it a mate, so I cast on very sneakily (not) and knit up the mitten’s mate in the same yarn, on needles I thought would match the gauge (they did, clever me). Then I cut off the top of mitten #1, which had been knit flat and seamed, and knit up again to the same length as mitten #2, all the time keeping a purl line as a false seam. So mitten #1 has a half-way seam and mitten #2 does not. Success! Everything went swimmingly, and I think mum really likes them.

Start: January 14, 2009
Finish: January 15, 2009
Pattern: none
Yarn: Schachenmayer Nomotta – Saskia in silver/gray
Needles: US 4, bamboo

I think that covers everything up to now. Are these extensive FO posts just too insane, or are they ok? I like to keep track of what I finish, so I’m content doing this, and I like sharing the pictures too. I blog when I have time, yo. College is crazy. I love it.

Nearly forgot: WIPs! I know, right.

I am currently knitting:
1 commissioned headband for LCS, for whom I knit the Crofter’s Cowl in December
1 pair of mittens for myself: probably going to get frogged because I’m almost positive there isn’t enough yarn
1 original design henley sweater out of Brooks Farm Four Play in a fabulous blue. I have these coinesque buttons that I got at the mountain man festival or whatever in Montana, and I lost one, so I only have 3. Thus, the sweater will only open to about mid-boob, and be a pullover south of that. I’m knitting it top-down with raglan shaping, and I love it.

The end! Come back soon. Whew. I need to update more often to save myself all the typing.