Holy crap! I’ve finished things!

First, I’d like to do a “formal” FO post for my stockinette boyfriend socks. Not that my boyfriend is made of stockinette. Only his socks are.

bf stockinette

Start: September 2nd, ish? Early in September. I started after J went to school.
Finish: October 14. I was preparing for the end of both socks when suddenly my yarn ran out on one of them. Weak. I had to tink back two rows on both socks so they could be even. I also need to weave in one end and sew up four small heel-join holes. It’s cool.
Yarn: Sockina cotton, 1 ball. Blue stripes.
Needles: US #2 circulars, and I knit both socks at once.
Pattern: Basically none. I cast on for the toe, increased like you do, knit knit knit, increased for a gusset, researched flap-heels a bit and knit two of them, then knit straight until a predetermined yarn point, and ribbed 2×2. Yay.

bf stockinette
Very sexy.

Also, I FINALLY have pictures of both the Spring Cable socks in action and the Saucy socks, finished.

spring cable



Start: Early June, 2007
Finished: Probably late July, 2007.
Yarn: Oasis Yarn Seduction Silk, in colorway “Olive”
Needles: More US #2s. I love me #2s.
Pattern: Saucy, by Cider Moon

I knit them in Spain, I knit them in Baltimore, I knit them at Hopkins, I knit them forevers. They are lovely. Silk is nice to knit with.


Someday I’ll get sexy Dollar and a Half shots.

Also, I did not take pictures at Stitches, but I DID buy things, so I’ll show them soon.

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